Chana Ghashi

Soaked black garbanzo beans are pressure cooked and then simmered in a spicy and tangy coconut gravy. This is best served with steamed rice.How about trying this Konkani special today?

Doodh Peda

A delightful, slightly chewy, milk fudge made with just 4 ingredients. Doodh Peda is perfect for any occasion.


One of the quintessential dishes served during a Kerala sadya, erissery has different forms and regional variations. This is my favorite version that has a touch of sweetness from the use of butternut squash. Add spices & coconut to the equation and the result is an aromatic accompaniment to your rice. Why wait for a special occasion, make some today.

Applesauce Raisin Chutney

Sweet, tangy, spicy – applesauce raisin chutney hits all the right taste notes. Serve with samosas, dhokla, chaat , tikkis or pakodas. Lip-smacking good.

Nuts and Dates Ladoo

Guest Post By Vidya Srinivasan – Get the recipe for delicious and nutritious nuts and dates ladoo.

Chia Seeds Breakfast Bowl

Chia Seeds Breakfast Bowl

Rainbow in a bowl – chia seeds topped with seasonal fruits & nuts. It is like having dessert for breakfast, but healthier. Chia seeds breakfast bowl – the perfect, easiest, no-cook to-go breakfast.

Chocolate Chip Bagel

Chocolate Chip Bagels

Making fresh chocolate chip bagels at home is easy. Follow the recipe to make the chewiest bagels on the inside and crisp on the outside. Experiment with different flavor and topping combinations. Oh, the possibilities are endless.