Moru Curry

Moru Curry with Chayote Squash

In Moru curry with Chayote Squash, the Chayote squash pieces are simmered in yogurt, coconut & spices. A tasty curry – from the first mouthful to the last.



Koottukari is the ‘koottu” or mix of vegetables and bengal gram in a thick coconut gravy. The taste is pure, exotic and divine – a true Kerala delicacy.


Onasdaya – the vegetarian feast served for Onam is a true culinary delight. The vibrant meal served on a banana leaf is meant to make your taste buds dance.


Start your day on a healthy note with this Uthappam – savory Indian pancake – a perfect blend of carbs, proteins and vegetables.

Bread Butter Jam Bento Box

In this bento box, we pack a bread butter jam sandwich. Find out what else can you pack in this bread butter jam bento box to make a whole some meal.

Pan Seared Corn

Corn on the cob – tender, sweet, spicy & tangy with the richness of butter – you will come back for more once you try this pan seared corn.

Oatmeal M&M Cookies

Oatmeal M&M Cookies – perfectly crunchy – loaded with oats and M&M candies. Sheer delight with milk. And the best part? They do not “taste” healthy.

Beetroot Leaves Poriyal

A simple, yet nutritious beetroot leaves poriyal. This South Indian style colorful stir fry is a good accompaniment to rice.

Broccoli Pasta Bento Box

Who said cold lunches are boring? In this Broccoli pasta bento box we have carbs, veggies, proteins, fruits and a treat – making lunch fun and nutritious

Jell-O Ambrosia

Super easy dessert jell-o ambrosia. The no-cook jell-o ambrosia – a recipe so simple that even kids can make this. Enjoy!!!