Indian Ginger Ale

Indian Ginger Ale is a wonderful, non-alcoholic drink with just a hint of ginger and lemon. Excellent thirst quencher during summers.

Garlic Flavored Broccoli Pasta

Garlic Flavored Broccoli Pasta is a mild garlic flavored pasta dish. Garlic and butter add a lovely flavor to the dish and broccoli gives it a lovely color. Kid-Friendly dish.

Seven Cup Burfi

Seven Cup Burfi is a tasty sweet made of Besan (Gram Flour) which gets its name because a total of 7 cups of ingredients are used in the making.

Oats Chappati

Chappati/Phulka is unleavened Indian bread, typically made with wheat flour. Adding oats to wheat flour makes the Oats Chappati more fiber rich.

Daali Thoy

Daali Thoy is a simple Konkani style daal (lentils) preparation.


Vellayappam is a bowl shaped lace-y pancake served typically as a breakfast item. Nowadays, restaurants that serve Kerala cuisine serve this for lunch and dinner as well.

Cardamom Ginger Chai Latte

Cardamom Ginger Chai Latte is the popular Indian masala tea with a little bit of cardamom and ginger flavor.


Parippuvada is a crunchy snack made from lentils. Typically served in Kerala restaurants.