Zucchini Beet Bread

Amazingly simple Zucchini Beet Bread with crunchy sesame & pumpkin seeds and quinoa topping is perfect for any day. Serve it toasted with a pat of butter.

Beets Banana Smoothie By Prachi Garg

Beets Banana Smoothie is packed with the goodness of the beets and banana. This smoothie has all the nutrients you need to power pack your morning.

Bhappa Doi

Classic Bengali Sweet – Bhappa Doi – Steamed Yogurt. Flavored with exotic saffron, cardamom & a hint of citrus! Mmmmm…. Rich, creamy & delicious!

Chicken Fry

Chicken is marinated in dry roasted spices & cooked on a low heat till the pieces are flavorful, juicy & slightly crispy outside. Simple. Spicy. Succulent.

Avocado Chocolate Mousse

A luxuriously smooth & chocolate-y indulgence that has equal parts of tasty and healthy. This Avocado Chocolate Mousse gets ready in minutes!

Nutella Bruschetta

Hazelnut and fruits – yumminess on top of a baguette with a hint of mint. Need I say more about this impossible-to-resist Nutella Bruschetta?

Minestrone Soup Bento Box

In Minestrone Soup bento box, we have the nourishing minestrone soup in a thermos food jar. Find out what else makes this lunch interesting.

Green Peas Carrot Thoran

Green Peas Carrot Thoran – vegetables, mild spices and coconut – a quintessential stir fry from the Kerala cuisine. A perfect side dish to steamed rice.

No-Bake Fudge Mint Cheesecake

Fudge mint, yogurt, cheese and candy cane/peppermint come together beautifully in this delectable, eye-candy, no-bake fudge mint cheesecake.

Minestrone Soup

Beat the winter blues with this minestrone soup packed with vegetables, beans and quinoa. Hearty & delicious.